Asilah – the perfect getaway to the Atlantic coast



Asilah – a small coastal town situated on a hilly area about 40 km away from crowded Tangier is a great place to spend a warm and peaceful afternoon. As we strolled around the colorful and narrow streets of the medina we seemed to be the only visitors there, as tourist season doesn’t start until summer.


Take a break at the beach

Sometimes travelling around Morocco may get a bit overwhelming with all the offers, scams, haggling and Asilah is one of the places we could catch our breath in. Deserted and tranquil beaches, palms and smell of the ocean create a very relaxing atmosphere.



Dive into a world of art

It is a pity so many people coming to Morocco miss this small but charming town. Traditional, old architecture is complemented by local art pieces, painted over each year, making Asilah a living art project. Street art, together with musicians singing local Berber songs, which you encounter strolling around the medina, makes this town one of the most artistic places in Morocco.



Try some mind-blowingly delicious seafood

Oh, and the food… One must come to Asilah just for the fresh seafood – local fishermen constantly deliver it to restaurants and it tastes amazing! I strongly recommend choosing “Ali Baba” – huge portions, low prices, free appetizers – we could hardly move after our dinner there. Both a huge plate of seafood and chicken pizza were to die for.

Get there by public transport

It is very easy to get there from Tangier – you can take a Grand Taxi (20 Dirhams per person), a bus (should cost you 7 Dirhams) or a train (16 Dirhams for a 2nd class ticket) and well worth it, if I may add. If you choose to go by a bus, keep in mind that the bus station is under construction at the moment and buses stop at the roundabout at the beginning of Avenue Moulay Hassan Ben Mahdi. We chose a train and were quite happy about it, as the private cabins reminded us of Harry Potter’s ride to Hogwarts. It was a great opportunity to chat with some locals too.

All in all, Asilah is one of the best choices for a daytrip from Tangier on a warm and sunny day. Some more photos below, to prove my point. 🙂









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