Day trip from Tangier: Caves of Hercules and Cape Spartel



If you have been staying in Tangier for a while and want to experience something different – organize a group of 5 people you’d like to travel with, take a grand taxi for ~100 Dirham (one way) and set off for the caves of Hercules!

Caves of Hercules

Despite what some sources claim, entrance was completely free and the views were worth the trip. There were some people selling things, as there are always all around Morocco, but they were no more pushy than usual, so we did just fine.


The cave itself was gorgeous, half natural, half man-made and the sea opening actually looked like the map of Africa. Interesting fact – before Hercules caves became a tourist attraction, they used to serve as brothels.


For those who haven’t heard, it is believed that the legendary Hercules rested in these caves after his 10th labour, hence the name. It is also believed, that Hercules was the one who created the Strait of Gibraltar – connected the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea by smashing through a huge Atlas mountain with his incredible strength.


Legends aside, this place was a sup of fresh ocean air after the dusty city of Tangier and we absolutely loved it.


Cape Spartel

What is even better, we got a chance to hike through empty beaches, caves, stones, hills until we reached Cape Spartel.


Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and some food for a nice picnic at the beach, you would truly regret otherwise.


Cape Spartel wasn’t exactly something special, but it is the most North Western point of mainland Africa and is located at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. So, it is a fine place to visit from geographical point of view. And for us the hike itself was motivation enough, as usual.


Once you are there, you will have no difficulty finding a ride back to the city. If there is no taxi, ask around for one and either it will come, or someone will drive you for an even better price. We got ourselves an Italian guy who had just put out his hashish roll-up, so while it wasn‘t one of the safest experiences, it was one of the more interesting ones. 🙂



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