Trip to Svaneti or How we stayed in a hotel for free. Part I

One early and bright summer morning in Tbilisi I woke up after a good night’s sleep and decided to visit the mountainous Svaneti region, which I heard was stunningly picturesque. Went to the Vagzali bus station where the intercity marshrutkas are waiting for travellers and at 7 o’clock me and my boyfried were already setting off to an adventure.

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Best places to visit in the Kakheti region


During my trip to Georgia, I got to know what Kakheti has to offer quite well, as I had a chance to go on a great roadtrip around the region. I’ve seen so many churches, monasteries and other heritage sites that after a while some of them began to look exactly the same to me. It’s never a good sign to lose sense of excitement while travelling, so I created a list of my favorite places which are most worthy of your visit, to my mind.

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The gem of South Caucasus – Georgia

The methaphore of the “gem” is widely used by travel writers to illustrate the exceptional beauty of the places they visited. Speaking of Georgia, beauty of this land lies not only within the amazing nature landscapes and unique architecture but even more within the hospitality and warmth of its people – so much that even calling it a “gem” doesn’t cover how much I fell in love with the country.  Continue reading “The gem of South Caucasus – Georgia”