Why visit Riga? The secret of Latvia’s capital city

Riga artnouveau

I have an annual tradition of visiting Riga – the capital city of Lithuania’s neighbour Latvia. Somehow every time I visit, the weather there is terrible. I’m beggining to think that I’m responsible. 🙂 But this post is not about that, of course.


Situated on the shores of the Baltic sea and at the mouth of river Dauguva, Riga has what to offer for both city and nature lovers. Founded in 1201 as a port city by Albert, Bishop of Riga, now it is the biggest city in the Baltic states.riga-old-town

Its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (same as Vilnius and Tallinn, by the way) and if you are looking for something a little bit more uncommon, take a visit to a colorful and extravagant district of Art Nouveau buildings.


What I like about Riga the most – everything what you might need is in a walking distance. I have never used public transport there, even though it’s a pretty big city. All the main sights are in the central district, so strolling around is the best way to explore.


City’s architecture is varied and beautiful, wandering through winding cobblestoned streets I don’t ever notice how time passes by.



Riga’s little secret

And keeping up with time in Riga is quite important to me, as the main reason I go there again and again is to see a ballet in the Latvian National Opera and Ballet theatre. That’s actually why I wrote this post – most people who visit Latvia’s capital just go by the building, take a picture of its facade and have no clue what treasures lie inside.

Last year I saw the most beautiful performance of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever seen, and paid only 10 Euros for the ticket. I’m not exaggerating here, during the last acts the whole audience were holding their breaths and didn’t even blink trying not to miss any detail. And the applause continued for at least 10 minutes, along with some sobbing… Riga’s ballet troupe is amazing, it would be a sin to visit Latvia’s capital and miss the best thing this city has to offer.

So, Dear Reader, I’m hoping to meet You in the big white house next time I go to Riga!

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