A walk in Denmark’s capital – Copenhagen



One thing I can tell you for sure – Copenhagen is not a paradise for budget travellers. It’s a good thing I brought some healthy food with me from Lithuania as the only places to eat I could afford in Copenhagen without making my wallet cry were McDonald’s and Burger King. Anyway, budgeting aside, I had a great time in the København or the “merchants’ harbour”.

copenhagen nyhavn

One of the best qualities of the city, which surely makes everything easier, is how well everyone speaks English. And how friendly the locals are, which I experienced just minutes after leaving the plane, when it appeared to be mission impossible to find a metro going to the city center on my own.

I didn’t have a map, so after stepping off the metro I decided to trust my instincts and just wander around. After visiting quite a number of European cities it is not that difficult really, I just see something beautiful and go for it.


Usually, I find myself in a place a tourist guide would recommend. Or even better, I find some amazing place no one pays attention to. Anyway, that is what Trouvaille traveling is all about.

copengahen architecture


The next day, after I finally got the map, it appeared I missed only a few main sights, even though I walked nearby them.


One of the sights I missed was the statue of the Little Mermaid. It is considered to be an icon, a symbol of Copenhagen, so I walked all the way through the city to get a glimpse. Well, seeing a picture of it is enough, really. Nothing spectacular, just a crowd of tourists regardless of the season. One of the places you visit just to put a  on your bucket list.

A walk to reach the Mermaid and the surroundings are worth it, though.

copenhagen christmas

During this trip I spent all of my time exploring the city on foot. And there was plenty to explore for the two days I had there.

copenhagen opera

I chose a great time to visit as Christmas decorations make cities even more charming than they usually are.



If you find yourself in Copenhagen, don’t miss the Frederiksborg Palace and the surrounding park. I’m pretty sure it’s spectacular in summer as it was quite beautiful during my winter visit.


Actually, the whole city is full of parks, you can easily find a less crowded, peaceful nature’s corner to relax in.


Danes are considered to be the happiest people and I saw it to be true. They surely know how to have fun and there is a strong sense of community there. I’ve seen so many people having picnics, laughing, drinking wine in beautiful places all around the city, even more than I saw in Paris. And to have in mind that I visited Copenhagen in winter time, well, that is impressive.


Oh, and there is also Christiania… but that place deserves a seperate post.

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